16. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Thursday I arrived in Killarney. What a beautiful town with old buildings and pubs! At the moment of my arrival I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tours that are available for the Ring of Kerry and parts of the national park, that I almost got lost. I had to take a deeper look into those tours online, at my hostel. After taking a look online and gathering information at the reception of my hostel, I decided toweiterlesen

The Fota Wildlife Park

14. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Yesterday, my third and last day in Cork, I enjoyed an irish breakfast in the English Market in Cork. After that I took the train to the Fota Wildlife Park, close to Cork City. At the Fota Park they have a variety of wild animals and some of them are allowed to roam the park free. This includes but is not limited to kangaroos, lemurs and capybaras. And there are a lot of peacocks! Today I am on the wayweiterlesen

On a trip through Co. Cork!

14. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Monday I arrived in Cork City, where I checked in at my hostel, had my laundry made and took a walk through the city. I once again stoped at the tourist information for things to do in Cork. Turns out, they have an old English Market, a castle, some churches and a college that you can visit. Then I found a guided tour through West Cork, for only 28€ for students! A day long adventure through the nature of Westweiterlesen

Kilkenny, Day Three!

11. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

After having seen mostly everything in Kilkenny after two days, yesterday we took the bus to Waterford. It was only a short 40 minutes ride. We arrived approximately at 10:40 anf the city felt quite dead. No folks on the streets, all stores and even the tourist information closed (OK, it was Sunday after all). On our way through the city we found the Waterford Museum of Treasures, the Medival Museum and the Harvest Festival that was held in theweiterlesen

Kilkenny, Day Two!

11. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Saturday was a quite busy day. There were a lot of placed that I visited. I started with The Black Abbey, once again a church with very beautiful stained glasses. After that I went to Kilkenny Castle including the Castle Yard and the Butler House and Gardens. Followed by a short walk through the city I went to St. Canice’s Cathedral & Round Tower. The Round Tower is approximately 40 metres high, and one of two in Europe that canweiterlesen

Kilkenny, Day One!

8. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

What is a little rain when you can search cover by taking a guided tour through Smithwicks? But let me start from the beginning! Today I took the train form Carlow to Kilkenny. That was only a short 30min ride. In Kilkenny I first checked in at my hostel and then made my way to the tourist office. There I collected some information about what you can do in Kilkenny and then continued my way trough the city. As farweiterlesen


8. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

The last two days I spent in Carlow. I got to see the remainings of Carlow Castle (that is one wall), the Carlow Citypark and I took a long walk alongside the river. In Carlow I had a nice room above a pub. My meal on day one was a pan-fried sea bass with sweat potato fries and broccoli followed by a bread and butter pudding with custard. Both were really good! This blog post is a little shorter asweiterlesen

Phoenix Park

6. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Yesterday after breakfast, I booked rooms in Carlow and Kilkenny. Those two cities will be my next stops in Ireland. After that I made my way to the Phoenix Park. The entrance to that is approximately two kilometres from the hostel I’m staying in. It has a size of ~8 square kilometres (really enormous!) and is home to the Dublin Zoo, the Irish president as well as the USA ambassador. The park was created 1662 as a deer park, andweiterlesen

Castle Dublin, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and more…

5. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Today I visited Castle Dublin like I had planned. There I got to see the remains of the old Viking fortress that lies underneath the castle. I also saw the Caste Church and the castle itself with its many chandeliers and paintings of the kings and queens, lords and ladies. After that I visited the Chester Beatty Library directly behind the castle. This library shows very old stuff like a dragon robe, jade calligraphy, the history of the different religions,weiterlesen

The Leprechauns and the Guinness

4. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Today I explored Dublin. A short walk around Dublin Castle, The Temple Bar and The Christ Church Cathedral was followed by a visit of the national leprechaun museum. There I got a tour about the origins of the leprechauns as well as some traditional Irish storytelling. Experience the life of a leprechaun as you shrink in size, learn about their gold and how they grant you a wish (you actually need three of them for one wish). It was wellweiterlesen