Kilkenny, Day Three!

11. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

After having seen mostly everything in Kilkenny after two days, yesterday we took the bus to Waterford. It was only a short 40 minutes ride. We arrived approximately at 10:40 anf the city felt quite dead. No folks on the streets, all stores and even the tourist information closed (OK, it was Sunday after all).

On our way through the city we found the Waterford Museum of Treasures, the Medival Museum and the Harvest Festival that was held in the main street of Waterford. After visiting both of the mentioned museums we took a look at Waterford Crystal, where you can spend a fortune on glassware that you probably don’t want to use after you bought it. Out of fear to create very expensive shards of glass.

Having seen everything in Waterford (there is not that much to do) we headed back to Kilkenny to get some rest at the hostel. In the evening we once again went to Kyteler’s Inn – I can realy recommend that one ­čśë – where we met two students from Bielefeld. It was a very lovely evening and we had lots of fun!

Today I said goodbye and am now on the way to my next stop: Cork!

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  1. Doris Schreck sagt:

    I was hoping for one new story today…instead I got two­čśÇ. Very happy about that. What about the Irish English, can you understand the people talking to you or is it a difficult dialect to understand?

    • David Schreck sagt:

      It is not that bad, the tour guides speak very clear and so do most people in the bigger cities. I have yet to meet someone that I do not understand.
      There will be more posts tomorrow as the last two days were quite busy! ­čÖé

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