Kilkenny, Day Two!

11. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Saturday was a quite busy day. There were a lot of placed that I visited. I started with The Black Abbey, once again a church with very beautiful stained glasses. After that I went to Kilkenny Castle including the Castle Yard and the Butler House and Gardens.

Followed by a short walk through the city I went to St. Canice’s Cathedral & Round Tower. The Round Tower is approximately 40 metres high, and one of two in Europe that can still be climbed. So I made my way to the top of it by using the very steep ladders that are placed inside.

Once on top of the tower I had a stunning 360° view of Kilkenny!

The descent of the tower was followed by a walk along River Nore, that flows through Kilkenny. It only takes a few minutes to leave Kilkenny and to find yourself in the beautiful nature of Ireland.

My evening meal in Kyteler’s Inn was accompanied by live music (once again, you really have live music everywhere!). As I left the inn to make my way to the Kilkenny Ghost Tour I met a young lady, who was staying at the same hostel as me. We decided to go to the Ghost Tour together and after that head to a pub.

At the Kilkenny Ghost Tour different ghost storys were told, including one about the first witch in Ireland (Alice le Kyteler) and the ghost bishop that brings disaster on you when you see him. It was a realy good tour with shivering stories and if you ever happen to be in Kilkenny you should definitly take one! Check them out one their website if you are brave enough!

After the tour we made our way back to Kyteler’s Inn for some drinks and traditional live music. There we also made the plan to visit Waterford at Sunday.