28. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

After staying on Inis Oírr for one night, I managed to get a ferry back to Doolin. From there I made my way back to Lisdoonvarna to stay one night. I had a great time there and on Monday I took the bus to Galway, where I spent the last few days. As I did not take a ferry to Inis Mór, I have to return to Ireland one day and catch up on that! Galway is yet another lovelyweiterlesen

Unsuitable conditions…

23. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

I am sorry but we have had to cancel our sailings today due to unsuitable sea conditions. Definitely not the best thing to read. When you are standing at the harbour of Inis Meàin. The least populated isle, with only a spare amount of cash left. Waiting for your ferry to Inis Mòr. That gets cancled. As well as every other ferry on that day. Well… it is an adventure after all, isn’t it? Until… There! At the horizo, anweiterlesen

Inis Meaín

23. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Although bigger than Inis Oírr, Inis Meáin (Inishmaan) is less populated and the least visited. This means that the isle is really quiet and you can walk around without meeting someone. But it also means: fewer shops and restaurants, hostels and b&b. For that reason, and because September is not in the main season, it was quite hard to find a place where I could stay for the night. However after walking across half of the isle I finally managedweiterlesen

Inis Oírr

22. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Inis Oírr (Inisheer) is the smallest of the Aran Isles with approx 300 inhabitants. Yesterday I took the Aran2Doolin Ferry from Doolin the get there. The boat takes ~30 minutes and after that you can enjoy the beautiful island. There is the possibility to take a jounting car, you can rent a bike or you can walk around the isle. Before getting a bike I searched for a B’n’B, as I wanted to stay over night. I found a lovelyweiterlesen

The Cliffs of Moher

20. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Today I visited the Cliffs of Moher. There I walked along the cliffside in the hope of getting a grasp of the beautiful cliff. Sadly it was foggy most of the time, but I managed to catch a glimpse of the cliff and take some pictures. And I always manage to find a crow greeting me at the signpost. Tomorrow I head over to the Aran Islands. As I don’t know how much internet I will have there it couldweiterlesen

In the middle of nowhere

20. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Yesterday I arrived in the middle of nowhere, better known as Lisdoonvarna, near the Cliffs of Moher. Here I want to visit those cliffs and take a boat to the Aran Islands. The town is really small but I found a riverwalk for today that led me to the Twin Well, where sulfur and iron infused water makes its way to the surface.


19. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

There was not that much to do in Limerick. I arrived on Sunday so most of the shops were closed. Monday I visited the local museum to learn something about the history of Limerick, walked around in the city and explored some pubs with live music and irish tap dancing. I also visited King John’s Castle in Limerick, the Hunt Museum and walked alongside the Shannon (the river that flows through Limerick).

Torc Waterfall and Muckross Lake

17. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Yesterday I rented a bicycle and drove through the Killarney National Park. I first visited the Torc Waterfall, where I made some experiments with long time exposure. Here you can see some of the results. After that I searched for the way arounf Muckross Lake that has been recomended to me by O’Sullivans Bike shop, the place where I got my bicycle. I found the way after driving around a little bit and it was well worth it. I hadweiterlesen

Gap of Dunloe

16. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Friday I took the (semi) guided tour through the Gap of Dunloe and the Killarney lakes. The tour started at 10:15 outside of an old pub in the centre of Killarney where we got picked up by an old bus that drove us to Ross Castle. There we were equipped with life jackets and entered the boats. From there we started our way across the three lakes where we had the best view of the mountains and the scenery. Theweiterlesen


16. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Thursday I arrived in Killarney. What a beautiful town with old buildings and pubs! At the moment of my arrival I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tours that are available for the Ring of Kerry and parts of the national park, that I almost got lost. I had to take a deeper look into those tours online, at my hostel. After taking a look online and gathering information at the reception of my hostel, I decided toweiterlesen