The Leprechauns and the Guinness

4. September 2017 Irland, Reisen

Today I explored Dublin. A short walk around Dublin Castle, The Temple Bar and The Christ Church Cathedral was followed by a visit of the national leprechaun museum. There I got a tour about the origins of the leprechauns as well as some traditional Irish storytelling. Experience the life of a leprechaun as you shrink in size, learn about their gold and how they grant you a wish (you actually need three of them for one wish). It was well worth it and you should definitely pay them a visit if you ever are in Dublin!

After that I further explored Dublin until I found the Guinness Storehouse. Here I got insight to the history of Guinness, the brewing process and the correct way to taste Guinness. I even got to meet the whistling oister and got to pour my very own pint of Guinnes which I drank over the roofs of Dublin – at the Guinness Gravity Bar that has a 360° view over Dublin.

My evening ended with more exploring and a traditional Irish lamb stew accompained by another pint of Guinness, followed by a very delicious pudding.

Tomorrow I want to pay the Dublin Caste a full visit, including a guided tour. After that it is all spontaneous.

P.S.: I decided to write the blog posts in English as long as I am in Ireland!

P.P.S: You can also find some images over at instagram: httsp://

4 Antworten auf „The Leprechauns and the Guinness“

  1. Doris Schreck sagt:

    Hi David,
    as long as you are in Ireland you will also get my comments in English…:))
    I like your blog and your stories & photos and will follow them through your journey
    Hugs and kisses xox

  2. Eins Franzos sagt:

    Bonjour Monsieur,
    malheureuesement je parle seulement la francaise.
    Est-ce que vous pouvez ecrire en francaise la prochain fois s’il vous plait?

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